automatic actions

Performance installation
Plinth, table, stool, light bulb, typewriter, typewriter ribbon, paint
Performance duration 36:02 min
Collection: University of NSW

automatic actions installation of a “real” object from my life combined with constructed spaces and objects. The performance exists within a constructed self contained space. Three actions take place (typing, drawing, assembling of stool).

The performance involves me sitting in a pristine white constructed space, documenting thoughts and emotions. The space is defined by a low plinth which acts as a platform for the performance to take place as well as the canvas where marks will be made. On this platform there will be a small white table and stool. On the table there will be a typewriter.

I sit on the small stool and a small table and type my thoughts. The thoughts are responding to what it feels like to be sitting on a stool, that will collapse at any moment. The objects are made in dimensions that are smaller than life size. The intention is to create an awkward environment to respond to. An environment which attempts to challenge the body and mind exposing  creative process.

The actions are:
– typing the words that come to mind while sitting on a stool designed to collapse
– when the stool collapses I draw marks on the plinth. The marks represent the emotion I feel when falling off the stool (I’ll draw using pencil and ink)
– I reassemble the stool and continue typing
– I perform these repetitive motions for an hour

What is left behind are words on paper and drawings on the plinth.

automatic actions is a performance attempting to challenge the idea of art as object or performance. I’m combining ideas of the “readymade object” placed in a constructed environment relying on the body as a medium. An attempt to establish alternative relationships with the viewer and art objects.