living rag doll

Performance at Tony’s New and Used Furniture, Goulburn
Artist as rag doll, second-hand furniture, second-hand objects, community interaction
Performance duration 19:54 min

19:55 min
Edition 10
Collections: Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre, University of NSW

Rag doll costume is held in the National Art Archive, Art Gallery of NSW

The adults started an auction because I didn’t have a price on the tag, I liked the spontaneous response, I was afraid at times when I could hear the children say ‘can I pull her head off’. Wanting to see me under the mask. I could not see out of the felt mask so I never knew what to expect next from the public. Fantasy, play to thinking I was real.

Extract from artist talk given at Art Gallery of NSW, 18 September 2005.