suspended moment

Perspex chair, plinth, light bulb, typewriter ribbon, felt
Dimensions variable

Chromogenic colour print, printed 2016
65 x 55 cm
Edition 10
Collections: Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art at University of Western Australia

Included are sketchbook pages showing some of the thinking behind suspended moment

suspended moment an installation using object as an illusion. A suspended moment in time, a moment of isolation. A play on what can be made visible and invisible.

suspended moment attempts to present the chair as an object with an illusionary quality (invisible miniature chair). The chair is not large enough to sit on or solid enough to sit on, it is floating in a dark room. It cannot function as a support structure for a human body. It is a miniature chair attached to a typewriter ribbon. The ribbon contains text documenting my thoughts.

The typewriter ribbon is extended out of the dark room and taped to the gallery walls (10cm from the ground) and floor. A trail of words starting from the entrance of the gallery leading to the chair into the darkened room. The chair is attached to the illuminated word “thought”.

The idea of suspended moment held by an invisible chair arrived from attempting to document thoughts which would usually be fleeting. I’m attempting to make solid what is otherwise invisible (fleeting thoughts) and invisible or illusionary what is otherwise visible (structure or a chair).

A physical expression of an inner language play on text, objects and space.

suspended moment, along with transient collage, was awarded the Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship at Artspace in 2000.