the walk

28:31 min

A 13 minute walk from my place to my grandparents place looped on recording. The loop emphasises the repetition of suburban living. We often get trapped in loops of life and find ourselves walking the same paths over and over. This is a path that I have walked for over ten years while growing up in Rockdale. When you walk the same path over you’re no longer stimulated by your surroundings and at times walk with your head down it becomes a contemplative journey.

the walk was displayed with a moment alone in the Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Artspace in 1998. For its presentation, the video was shown on a small monitor housed within a low-lying white platform. Echoing the view of the ground and feet in the video, the viewer had to look down at the work, viewed through a small square that was cut into the platform for the screen.