untitled home

Installation at MOP Projects, 2007

Chromogenic colour print, printed 2012
125 x 154 cm
Unique edition
Collection: Artbank

Chromogenic colour print, printed 2016
44 x 65.5 cm
Edition 10, printed 2016
Collections: Art Gallery of South Australia, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Monash Gallery of Art, Heide Museum of Modern Art, University of Technology Sydney, Private Collections

Photogram studies, 2007
39.5 x 33.5 cm
Unique states
Collections: Monash Gallery of Art, Private Collection

Included are sketchbook drawings and collages showing some of the development of untitled home

The bounded spatiality of ‘home’ is a recurring motif for Katthy Cavaliere in life and art. In untitled home, Cavaliere engages with the idea of homelessness. Space for the homeless is free of the basic architectural structures that define domesticity. The homeless are exposed to the elements, their vulnerability on display to a world that often conveniently ignores their plight. Cavaliere reveals how passers-by erect invisible structures when unable to comprehend private moments being performed in public: everyday life lived in open, on the street.

Exhibition catalogue with text by Daniel Mudie Cunningham

The longing for a sense of home was a recurring theme in Katthy Cavaliere’s multidisciplinary work. Through the depiction of a trolley, flattened cardboard boxes and inflated plastic bags in ‘untitled home’, Cavaliere evokes the transient and transitional plight of homelessness. Boxes are repurposed by the homeless as shelter, while those moving house use boxes to transport belongings. Some live out of boxes, some live in them. Having migrated to Australia as a child, Cavaliere understood homelessness in her work as a psychological metaphor for diaspora as a condition of subjective experience.

Artwork narrative from Artbank collection